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bug! [30 Mar 2003|10:36pm]

http://shinra.nu/hoc/frames.html <--made a normal frames version of HOC, for the Iframe challenged. Hope it works. If not, oh well. It's still damn sexy. I <3 it.

Oh, and just about everyone is added to the site now. If you're not, bug me about it. Bug bug bug.

XDD [11 Mar 2003|10:14pm]

The room was silent all but for the rustling of excited whispers from the gathered roleplayers. Upon each of their lips the same words were found.

"HOC is back!"

Anyway, you guys know the drill. http://shinra.nu/hoc/

ALSO. YOU MUST LET ME KNOW ANY BUGS YOU FIND WITH THE SITE. Post them here, email them to hocstuff@hotmail.com or katuhobbit@hotmail.com...I will fix them!
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it's been a while [24 Feb 2003|04:39pm]

Well, we're back again! Kinda. I need to re-upload the site and change the redirecty thingy on our domain name, but we're getting okay.

Our new url is: http://shinra.nu/hoc/
The boards are here: http://www.shinra.nu/hoc/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi

XD Enjoy!
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[10 Dec 2002|04:22pm]

Um...apparently nix that last entry. Christine The Wonderful has offered to take care of it for us. Everyone give her hugs and cookies.

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HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!! [10 Dec 2002|11:02am]



We may be switching servers. This means that our boards will be lost. We can't keep these boards as archives. Now, what we -can- do, I need your help for.

There is no way I can put every single thread in every single forum onto my computer BY MYSELF. If everyone does one forum, though, it should be okay. Please, if HOC means anything to you, help me with this.

I need everyone to pick a forum "The Main Hall", "The Girl's Bathroom", whatever. Once you do this, read on:

pweeeaaassse hewpCollapse )
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update! [29 Nov 2002|07:01pm]

Hey guys...I uploaded the idea I talked about last night...let me know if there are any bugs or broken links, okay? I'm going to Whangamata, Austrailia now, I'll be back tomorrow morningish.

Peace and kittens!
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all this without going on hiatus. wow. [28 Nov 2002|09:55pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Muns added. /players deleted. Decided that Witch Weeky, the Tattler, the fanfiction, fanart, etc, is all going to be moved into a BIG directory called, aptly, the Library. This will also have various reference things (spells, etiquette, rules, etc), and links to livejournals

And the HTAG is going to have it's own directory.

Still have to do:Collapse )

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laaaaaa [28 Nov 2002|04:56pm]

Prefects added, All characters in the inbox are added...If your character isn't on the character list now, it means I no longer have your bio and sadly, you'll have to resubmit. Also, I will be deleting /players later tonight and possibly /lastchance as well. So this is officially your last warning.

Okay...and I'm spent. For now. Later comes adding of new sections and adding mun bios. Also, check out the Fun Features section...there's an amusing story about Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley) in it.

About the Admin
Recommended Links
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say there [27 Nov 2002|07:27pm]

Updated the navigation bar...hope it's less cluttery now! Everyone like it? :D
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lots of work! [27 Nov 2002|06:13pm]

Songbook is up! Also, we now have a downloads section!

/muns and /characters have now replaced /players and /students. /lastchance will be deleted by the end of the week. So resubmit NOW of j00 l0s3!

I'll be adding profiles now.
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[26 Nov 2002|09:14am]

Oh, important note: If your character is not in the /lastchance folder, he or she is in my inbox, and therefore will not be deleted.
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Cleaning [26 Nov 2002|08:58am]

All right...a lot of people have joined and then their characters have randomly died (ie-been abandoned). So. I have begun work...before now, all characters were in a folder called /students. But obviously not all out character are students anymore so I am moving everything to /characters.

This change may result in broken links and other bad things. Now...I have uploaded all the profiles on the site to /lastchance, so if your character is active, and this is important, re-submit their bio. If you don't, I'll just assume you don't care about the character, and they will be deleted, probably within a week or so...depending on how lazy I am.

All old character bios are here: clik!

Coincedentally, the same thing will be happening with player bios. They're moving from /players to /muns as it is easier to type. So resubmit or DIE.

That is all.
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[17 Nov 2002|02:00pm]

I am thoroughly enjoying the new stuffon the site. Hooray!
Just a reminder, Meleney's prefect room is open to pretty much anyone (unless she hates you) and even though it's in the Ravenclaw common room... disregard that! Somewhat. Just talk to Meleney if anyone's interested in frolicking about.
I really have nothing worth mentioning here. I love you all.
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an innovation! [17 Nov 2002|11:08am]

You will all be glad to know (or at least, I will...) that I have probably found a way for your character bio to be automatically posted, and you can edit it whenever you please.

I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to have that be done automatically, and have me still decide whether or not to accept them. I think I may just have them email me the character bio, I accept it and email them back (enclosing the information they sent), and then have them post it. How does that sound?

And probably basically the same with the player bio's.

Fun, ne? It's amazing what you can find on the internet.
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note to katu [13 Nov 2002|10:03pm]


add this to tattler submission forms
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more to-do [13 Nov 2002|09:58pm]

i still have to:
make a diff submission form for the tattler
make photocopies of the HOC promo packet. tomorrow.
write the ask andre section
write the horoscopes for witch weekly

*sigh* oh, i toil. lol.
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new feature! [13 Nov 2002|09:53pm]

we now have a Guestmap. It's in the little window.
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quills looks like a good movie. mmm, geoffery rush... [13 Nov 2002|09:50pm]

Star Stained Sky: Your best friend confesses that she shares your crush on Dream Boy. You:
d) stare at her as if she'd grown three extra heads and asked you to peel her alligator
Star Stained Sky: Your would-be boy toy slips a note into someone's bag. You:
d) Angst excessively, and then sleep with a random fifth year
Star Stained Sky: It's the first Quidditch match of the season, your boy is player Seeker! You:
d) wonder when they started letting teachers play quidditch
Star Stained Sky: Your boy asks you to the Yule Ball. You:
d) know there's going to be a whole world of shit over this....
j00ish princess: Mostly d's = Lenore Selachii: You're a Malfoy-shagging, pain-loving teenage girl. Plan on dying madly in love with a man who doesn't return your love, probably by his hands.
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i am updating like a fiend! [13 Nov 2002|08:14pm]

I finally completed the FAQ! Have a look!

If you have an idea for a word at HOC we use a lot that other might not understand, post it here, please. same goes for more FAQ questions

A to-do list:
make link page
make dictionary
make ww submit page
make hoc songbook page
make fanfiction and fanart submission forms
squickyfic contest
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*sigh* [13 Nov 2002|06:30pm]

Forms fixed. I caved. We're using icky old Bravenet for them. *sneers*

...If it works...
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